Teachings not part of any series.

  1. Our Baptist Journey
  2. Coming Undone
  3. James
  4. Will We Have Peace

More Than Friends

A Study of the Gospel of Mark

  1. Introduction
  2. One Story
  3. Encouragement
  4. Protect

The Coronation of the King

A Study of the Gospel of Mark

  1. The Beginning of the Good News
  2. Ordinary Idiots
  3. Goodness Gracious Me
  4. The Bigger Picture
  5. Breaking All the Rules
  6. True Family
  7. Dirty Christians
  8. Breathing God
  9. The Storm
  10. Mental Pollution
  11. Jesus is Dyn-O-Mite
  12. Heralds of the King
  13. Kill or be Killed
  14. Motivated by Love
  15. Dirty Hands but Clean Hearts
  16. One Smart Doggy

Watching Those Who Walked As Jesus Did

  1. What Did Jesus Do
  2. Abraham—Story of Moriah
  3. Moses—Holy Words
  4. David—Who Am I
  5. Elijah—Reclaiming Worship
  6. Exile—Where We Don’t Belong

What Is Going On

Asking Life's Tough Questions

  1. The Pain of Being Alone
  2. Isn't There a Better Way
  3. Losing Ourselves
  4. Jesus' Suffering

Spiritual Disciplines

Walking the Narrow Path

  1. The Discipline of Creativity
  2. The Discipline of Walking By Faith
  3. The Discipline of Surrendering
  4. The Discipline of Knowing the Presense of God
  5. The Discipline of a Virtuous Life
  6. The Discipline of Service
  7. The Discipline of Being the Message
  8. The Dark Night of the Soul

Christmas in a Strange Land

Celebrating Christmas during the Holidays

  1. Christmas in a Strange Land
  2. A New Christmas

The Adventures aboard Stewart's Ship

Using our Money as God Intended

  1. Money's Impact on Your Life
  2. Poor Little Rich Christians
  3. Buying Friends

How To Have a Party

Meeting Together to Know Jesus Better

  1. Picking Your Party
  2. Breaking the Ice
  3. Jesus' Strong Body
  4. Band of Brothers and Sisters
  5. Party Like There Is No Tomorrow

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