More Than Friends

A Study of the Gospel of Mark

The Story this Week:
One Story, Acts 1:7-9; 2:42-47

Moral of the Story: You will never feel like part of the community unless you accept that you share the story of the people in the community.

The Foreword: Warm-Up
  1. Share of a community (church, school, sports team, hobby group, etc.) that you have been a part of that you felt very close to. What made it feel so intimate?
  2. What do you know of the story of our church? How did we get to where we are at and where do you feel God is leading us?
The Story: Reviewing the Sermon
  1. What stood out to you from this week’s message? Why?
  2. In just a few words summarize the story of the Old Testament.
  3. In the same way summarize the story of the lives of the apostles.
  4. How is our story at First Baptist Church similar to the biblical stories you just summarized.
  5. How does the story of Pentecost completely change how the story of how God works through people?
The Full Story: Biblical Exploration
Read Scripture Galatians 4:21-31
  1. What verse or idea stood out to you? Why?
  2. Who is Hagar and what is her story? (See Genesis 16 to refresh your memory)
  3. Verses 24-26 explain that Hagar represents the Law and Sarah represents freedom. What logic does Paul use to label these women in this way?
  4. What is our story as the Church? Is it the story of Hagar or of Sarah? How can we argue this?
  5. In verse 29 Paul says, “It is the same now.” The story of Abraham is still our story, therefore, what lesson should we take away from this?
  6. How do we apply the teachings of verses 30-31 in our lives?
  7. Since our story comes from being the descendant of Isaac, explain our origin story by recalling the lives of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. What kind of story do we see?
Epilogue: Praying Together
Break into smaller groups for prayer.
  1. Share in the group what you see as the good and bad parts of the story of the church. Share what you believe God is going to do in the next part of the story. Take time to pray a prayer of repentance for our past errors and thanks for our past triumphs, and pray that we will be loyal to the future plans that God has for us.
The Story Today: Applying the Lessons
  1. To be the story of Jesus in the 21st Century we need to die to ourselves and follow him. Take time this week to walk downtown or in your neighbourhood and look for people you can give help to with no benefit to yourself. Invite someone in need over for a meal. Find a new way to volunteer at church.
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