The Coronation of the King

A Study of the Gospel of Mark

The Story this Week:
Dirty Hands but Clean Hearts, Mark 7:1-23

Moral of the Story: It isn’t what we interact with that makes us unclean but it is how we interact with things that demonstrates our cleanliness.

The Foreword: Warm-Up
  1. Do you think of yourself as unclean? Why or why not?
  2. What would you say are the dirtiest aspects of our culture? As Christians how should we respond?
  3. Discuss this quote made by Lord David Cecil after the holocaust: “The jargon of the philosophy of progress taught us to think that the savage and primitive state of man is behind us. … But barbarism is not behind us, it is [within] us.”
The Story: Reviewing the Sermon
  1. What stood out to you from this week’s message? Why?
  2. Why was Jesus so upset with the Pharisees question about the washing of hands? See Mark 7:6-8.
  3. In what ways does religion seek to make us clean? Why does this method not work?
  4. People within our culture will try to make themselves clean by focusing upon their appearance. What dangers does that create?
  5. Look at Jesus’ example of Corban in Mark 7:9-13. What would you say are modern examples of Corban? How might we follow good traditions but ignore the bible?
The Full Story: Biblical Exploration
Read Zechariah 3
  1. What verse or idea stood out to you? Why?
  2. Why is it so shocking that Joshua is standing before the Lord in filthy garments (Lev. 16:4, 32)?
  3. How is it possible that Joshua went before God covered in filth when the Jewish people were so strict about the high priest's cleanliness? See also Isaiah 64:6.
  4. How is Joshua the symbol of the things to come (v. 8-9)?
Epilogue: Praying Together
Break into smaller groups for prayer.
  1. Pray that each one of us will recognize that Jesus has made us clean. It is a done deal and we do not have to work at it. Pray that this fact will lead us to share the cleanliness with the world.
The Story Today: Applying the Lessons
  1. Take up the final challenge of the sermon: be less religious and more motivated by the heart of Jesus.
    1. Continue to pray each day, but talk less and listen more. Ask God to reveal needs you can fulfill.
    2. Continue to read the bible each day, but read less and meditate more. Ask God how you can apply that passage.
    3. Continue to go to church and Care Groups, but go asking God how you can bless another person there.
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